Sound the Trumpet – Program


The Cry of London Anon.

3 movements from Love’s Goddess Sure (1692)       Henry Purcell (1659-95)
Verse and Chorus: Long may she reign
Chorus: May she to heaven late return
Verse and Chorus: As much as we

The Bellman’s song Thomas Ravenscroft (c.1592-c.1635)

Who liveth so merry Thomas Ravenscroft

Two daughters of this aged stream Henry Purcell

Bess of Bedlam Henry Purcell

Morpheus                                                                    Daniel Purcell (c.1664-1717)

3 movements from Come ye sons of art (1694)            Henry Purcell
Symphony: Largo
Verse and Chorus: Come ye sons of art
Verse: Sound the trumpet
Verse and Chorus: Come ye sons of art

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March (from the funeral of Queen Mary)                        Henry Purcell

Funeral Sentences
Man that is born of a woman
In the midst of life
Thou knowest, Lord

Remember not, Lord, our offences
(from the Litany)

Jehova, quam multi sunt hostes mei
(an anonymous Latin version of Psalm 3)

Lord, how long wilt thou be angry?
(Psalm 79:5, 8, 9, 13)

Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts
(from the Burial Service, Book of Common Prayer, 1662)

Hear my prayer, O Lord
(Psalm 102:1)